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Early Baroque skull sculpture - Artist unknown

Skull sculpture - Artist Unknown [Italian] Early Baroque / Early 17th century.. Florence, Italy This bronze skull would have been displayed on a table or desk, as an object to be admired and touched. The theme of the dead would not have outweighed the owners pleasure in the richness of the object nor his delight in the sculptor's skill in realistically recreating...

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Over the pasrt 40 years, I have created four distinct art collections that, in the hindsight represents four different ways of collecting. . This was an evolutionary process that involved my taking an increasingly active role in the development of each collection.

My first collection was antique illustrated books, a collection I formed while I searched Europe for antique prints for my print business. I would...

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 Tau Tau

 New Aquistion by Richard Harris.

This is not a part of the Exhibition:"Morbid Curiosity: Richard Harris Collection"..

Wikipedia informs.. Tau Tau, click here.. Tau tau are a type of effigy made of wood or bamboo. They are particular to the Toraja ethnic group in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The word "tau" is a Torajan word meaning "man", and "tau tau" meaning "men" or "statue". Read more

Installations by Guerra de La Paz

 Alain Guerra [b. 1968]

 Neraldo de La Paz [b. 1955]

Cuban born American artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are the collabortive duo Guerra de la Paz . Originally sourcing their materials from the waste bins of second-hand goods shipping companies in Miami’s Little Haiti, Guerra De La Paz make their sculptures from the discarded items...

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 Erwin Blumenfeld – Hitler’s Face

Nazi Objects.. While the skulls and skeletons are reminders of death in many  cultures they are seldom used to represent evil. One exception to this is found  in images of Adolph Hitler, in anti-Nazi imagery the ,eaning was clear. Hitler  was not simply the enemy, he was the personification of evil. In comic books,  posters and other popular publications, Hitler's...
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