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Andy Warhol – Untitled / Photo Edition for Parkett # 12 [ 1987]


Parkett is an international magazine specializing in contemporary art.

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Founded in the early 1980s with the idea of fostering an open dialogue between the artistic communities of Europe and America, Parkett is based in Zurich, with...

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Antikamnia Calender - by Louis Crusius [American, d: 1898]

Antikamnia Calender [1899-1901] / color and black and white lithography

Louis Crusius was a pharmacist and surgeon as well as an artist. He created these humorous drawings for promotional calendars distributed by Antikamnia, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Among the medicines Antikamnia manufactured...
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Death and The Maiden

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  Death and The Maiden:

The genre "Dance and the Maiden" has origins in Dance of the Death.  In many Dance of the Death representation,  a skeleton personifying Death is shown with a beautiful lady.  However, most cases, these are not shown as erotic.  But as time passed by,  the images became more sensual. Now, dance was not essential, but  instead there was intense, intimate and sometimes erotic relationship between the...

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Dance of Death

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Dance of Death imagery presents the eternal truth that death eventually comes for everyone. Portrayed by a skeletal figure, death arrives to lead the unsuspecting to their destiny. No one can refuse a dance with death; men and women, powerful and humble, rich and poor – all participate. Large compositions depicting this theme may include dozens of...

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The Triumph of Death

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Death Struggle  -  By Richard Muller [Czech] 1913/ Etching on ivory laid paper


Here, Death  represented by a skeleton;  is not  shown dancing, but rather in a furious combat with the living.  The end of the fight is obvious, Death is always triumphant...


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  Of about 1,500 art pieces, at display in the exhibition,  this particular photograph titled, "Found Human Skull" is one of Richard Harris' favourite pieces.  He always talks about this photograph, he bought for only 5 dollars.  In the image he is seen directing the attention of the curious visitors towards this photograph, "Found Human Skull".   (more...)...
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