Death: A Self Portrait by Marcelle Hanselaar

This post was written in Dutch, and here is a rough English Translation..

Death a Self portrait
This is one of those fascinating show the Wellcome is so good at. It
attracts the curious, the art lovers, people in the know, in short it ticks
all boxes.
For me one of the highlights was the complete set of Otto Dix¹s etchings Der
Krieg. Although  the British Museum print room also has a complete set of
these prints nothing beats to see them in all their masterly glory on the
wall. A totally  different experience.
These etchings give us  an insight into what war really is, then and now,
but they are also an unrivalled example of the myriad possiblilities of the
etching medium . Also on view were prints by Goya and Rembrandt and, one of
my favorites a brilliant erotic drawing by Rops (they made a mistake and
said Ensor) of Death who licks a woman into orgasm. In short everything
which has death as its subject is presented.
Richard Harris was formerly an antiqueair who has collected a great variety
of artefacts about death; from Indonesian tomb sculptures to Tibetan
Tanka¹s, from 16C paintings from the Low lands , full of admonishing text to
witty Vanitas paintings,  but there was also a huge and wonderful chandelier
made from 3000 hand casted bones by the Britsh artist Jodie Carey.
This collection is moving, thought provoking, by times uneasy as well as
amusing but most of all it reminds us that Death is a faithful companion to
us all.

I am not a very good translator, or to be honest to put this in correct
English would take to much of my time at my computer while I prefer to dream
or draw or paint or just be. I am ure you understand. But at least it gives
you a taste. They highly reduced my original piece which is a shame I think.

Finally I wanted to say that if you ever felt that you wanted one of my
etchings for your collection I would be happy to donate one.

All best