Death and the Woman – by Kathe Kollwitz

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Death and the Woman -  By Kathe Kollwitz [German 1867-1945]..

 1910/ Lithograph..

The marker reads..
In this print, the owman seems to be wrestling with the shadow as much as the skeleton. The semi-abstraction of style allows the shadowed figure to consume the woman visually, even as she fights back. Thier nudity and lack of specific setting lend a universal significance to these figures.

The brochure reads..
In this print by Kollwitz, the dance of death has become an agonizing struggle. Acceptance of death has been transformed into a tug-of-war between a child in the foreground and the skeleton in the background, with the body of the mother as the ultimate prize..

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  1. This is one of the most amazing pieces here. The struggle is so evident in the curve of the line that draws your eye from the woman’s jaw, through the child’s arms and ending like a hook through the woman’s outstretched right leg. Death’s claw-like leg weighs down that line on the left side but the woman’s strength is shown in her thigh. That is juxtaposed against the clean angle of her left leg, like another hook trying to move forward. There is such tension. The child appears to be pulling the woman away but we know it’s useless. Her little hands will just slide down the woman’s breasts and Death will win out.

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