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Richard Harris Art Collection


Some Terminology which will help a better understanding of Richard Harris Collection and Exhibitions and about Macabre Art in general. However,  if you are already into the theme of Morbid Art, you would probably be aware of these. So skip this section!! This post is particularly meant for those who are not much into this theme of  Macabre- Morbid Art.


Memento Mori


Grim Reaper

Dance of Death / Danse Macabre Also see the Triumph of Death, and Death and the Maiden.

Day of the Dead / Día de...

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This post is a part of the post SCULPTURE COLLECTION [Richard Harris Art Collection]

 MORE on SCULPTURE COLLECTION can be seen here..  click here..

This post has images of a few sculptures..

Death Cart: Artist Unknown

Girl Pulling Her Hair – by Michael Pugh

Gentleman on Green Table – by June Leaf

Walking the Dog – Ron Pippin

Macabre Scene – by Michel de Spiegelaere

Vietnam Head – by L-15 [aka Bernard Schatz]

Three Industrial Pieces from Old Milling Machine

Leather Jacket – by Charles Benefiel

memento Mori - Artist Unknown

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