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 Richard Harris Gallery Talk, with Dance of Death Figures [click here..]

Dance of Death Figures – Unknown [German]

19th century / Ceramic

Death is shown as a skeleton leading a diversity of people including kings and bishops, businessmen, peasants, paupers, and pretty girls off to their fate.  Costumes and poses reflect the diversity of the human world,  yet Death is the most democratic of forces - that from which no one can escape.  These small figures are similar to modern-day nativity scenes displayed during the Christmas...

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Ceremonial Skull Cups in Tibetan Art

Richard Harris Art Collection

Ritual skull cups are traditionally formed from a human skull that has been cut into shape, lined with a metal rim and ornamented. Many skull cups are simply made out of a precious metal in the form of a cranium. They are usually elaborately decorated with artistic designs and Buddhist symbols like lotuses and vajras. Many are fitted with ornamented lids and have feet or a separate base in the form of human skulls.  Reference : Skull...

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Headhunter's Trophy

 Naga People of India

19th Century / Human skull, mithun horns, fiber..

The Naga people of northeastern India, were headhunter's until the 1960s. This skull has been combined with the horns of wild bison, or "Mithun". Since headhunter's of this tribe wear long curved horns as earrings, this head of a dead enemy is presented as an equal - warrior as fierce as his captor. The chief of the clan would have kept this trophy in the "Morung", the communal living space of young men in the...
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Procession. Chalma, Mexico, 1984 - by Graciela Iturbide

  Graciela Iturbide: Mexican photographer [b. 1942] Iturbide photographs everyday life, almost entirely in black-and-white. She became interested in the daily life of Mexico's indigenous cultures and has photographed life in Mexico City, Juchitán, Oaxaca and on the Mexican/American border (La Frontera.) For more information, check out the Wikipedia page on her.. click here.. (more...)...
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