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Albrecht Durer

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Albrecht Durer - The Coat of Arms with the Skull

Dürer was the most important northern European printmaker of the Renaissance.  He was a virtuoso engraver and woodcut designer who also experimented with etching.  One of a handful of artists, authors, and scholars who brought the Renaissance from Italy to the North, he went twice to study the classicizing and scientific secrets of the Italian masters.  Dürer was among the first artists to observe anatomy and to utilize theories of ideal human proportions, and his style is...

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The Richard Harris collection of skulls  is crowded with real skulls and interpretation of skulls by artists, preserved from ancient to modern times.  Some have educational functions, while others are ritual objects or works of art. All of them remind the viewer of what potent images the skull and skeleton have always been for human audiences.

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