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Installations by Guerra de La Paz

 Alain Guerra [b. 1968]

 Neraldo de La Paz [b. 1955]

Cuban born American artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are the collabortive duo Guerra de la Paz . Originally sourcing their materials from the waste bins of second-hand goods shipping companies in Miami’s Little Haiti, Guerra De La Paz make their sculptures from the discarded items of daily life. Viewing their practice as a kind of ‘archaeology’, their work engages with the history inherent in common debris and its...

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 Erwin Blumenfeld – Hitler’s Face

Nazi Objects.. While the skulls and skeletons are reminders of death in many  cultures they are seldom used to represent evil. One exception to this is found  in images of Adolph Hitler, in anti-Nazi imagery the ,eaning was clear. Hitler  was not simply the enemy, he was the personification of evil. In comic books,  posters and other popular publications, Hitler's face can be found overlaid or substituted by skulls. These images remind the public , following the World War II, that Hitler had...
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By Steve Dilworth [British, b. 1949] 1979/ Human skeleton, heart, liver, meat, horsehair, seagrass Steve Dilworth emphasized the transitional nature of death in this artwork. The body, it's skeleton, organ and flesh bound up in sea grass like a cacoon, appears as if halfway through a transformation. The artist considers this sculpture an exploration of a natural process, and kept it in his studio for many years before finally agreeing to sell it to Richard Harris in 2011..   (more...)...
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