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Artist unknown - Fall and Redemption of Man

artist unknown – Fall and Redemption of Man

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  1. Andrew Gunz says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting the Richard Harris Collection exhibition entitled “Death: A Self-Portrait” at the Wellcome Collection in London today, and found it really excellent, intertesting and well-presented, and I enjoyed the video of Richard Harris talking about his collection. Unfortunately, no photographs were allowed to be taken in the Gallery today (unlike the Chicago exhibition). My very favourite exhibit (which I spent many minutes looking at) was The Fall and Redemption of Man, by an unknown German Artist painted in 1533. I wondered whether there was any way I could purchase a colour photograph of this painting, which was not reproduced in the attractive catalogue of the exhibition. If so, could you kindly provide me with details. It might be possible to send an electronic copy to me at a higher resolution than the small reproduction above. Thank you for reading this, and again, thank you for an excellent and thought-provoking exhibition. Best wishes.
    Andrew Gunz.

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for writing. I am glad you visited the Exhibition.

      I will certainly ask Richard, about the electronic version of high-resolution image. I don’t think there should be any problem.

      As for photography, just to let you know, photography was prohibited even in the Chicago Exhibition. I was the official/ authorized photographer of the Chicago exhibition. So the images here or Exhibition Opening and Gallery Talks and of course his collection. It was an honor.

      Jyoti / admin.

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