Painting Collection: Richard Harris Art Collection

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Adrian van Utrecht – Vanitas Still Life with a Bouquet and a Skull..  click here..

Albrecht Durer – The Coat of Arms with the Skull  click here..

Albrecht Durer  – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse  click here..

Albert Besnard – Lequel?’ from the series ‘Elle’  click here..

Albert Besnard, ‘Coquette’ from the series ‘Elle’ click here..

Albert Besnard, ‘Dans la Foule’ from the series ‘Elle’  click here..

Albert Besnard, ‘Le Duel’ from the series ‘Elle’.. click here..

Alfred Rethel – Death the Friend.. click here..

Alfred Rethel – Death the Enemy.. click here..

Andres Serrano – The Morgue [Burnt to Death]

Andy Warhol - Untitled, 1987

Andy Warhol – Untitled, 1987

Barthel Bruyn the Elder – Portrait of a Man / A Skull in a Niche.. click here..

Basset, Rue Saint-Jacques –  Memento Mori

Bernhard Siegfried Albinus – Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani

Bruce Conner, ‘Fame, October 18′

Carlo Lasinio – The Triumph of Death

Chris Roberts – Be Good to your Internal Organs

Christoffel Van Sichem the Younger – Vanitas

Clyde Angel – Woman of Winter

Craig Norton – The Holocaust.. click here..

Edward Hagedorn – The Head

Edward Posada – Spider Woodcut

Enrique Chagoya – Life is a Dream and Then You Wake Up  click here..

Erhard Schon – Army Train and Death [Hollstein 16]




Felician Rops – Agonie

Francisco Rodriquez Onate – Akurikaeri

Frans Franken Le Jeune -  ‘Young Death Playing the Violin

Frantisek Drtikol, Untitled (Nude with skull)

Fred Stonehouse  – Funesto [Unlucky/ Sad]

Friedrich Schroder Donnenstern -  The Diplomatic Artist

Fredrick Sommer – Untitled: 1 Pavan

George Grosz - ‘Faces of Death’

Hans Sebald Beham – Adam and Eve

Hans Bellmer – Actress: Portrait of a woman

Hendrick Goltzius – Who will be spared

Follower of Hendrick Goltzius – Allegory of Vanity

Followers of Hendrick Goltzius – Memento Mori

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec – The Chronicle Medicale

Hieronymus Wierix -  Knight, Death and the Devil

Hieronymus Wierix -  St. Jerome in his Study [after Durer]

Honore Daumier – December 31. Table of Contect  from le Charivari  click here..

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows – Odd Fellows Skeleton Painting

Irving Penn – Ospedale

Ivo Saliger – The Doctor  click here..

James Ensor  - Death Charsing the Flock of Humans  click here..

James Ensor – Salon des Cent  click here..

James Ensor – My Portrait in 1960  click here..

James Ensor -  My Skeletonized Portrait click here..

Jasper Johns – Untitled [Skull]

Jiri Anderle – Cease the Day, Cease the Night

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach  click here..

Johann Wierix, ‘St Jerome in his Cell’

John Dugdale – Life Mindful of Death

Jose Guadalupe Posada – La Calavera Catrina

Jose Guadalupe Posada – Calavera de Huerta

Julian Adolphe Duvocell-  Two Skulls




Kathe Kollwitz – Death and the Woman  click here..

Katherine Du Tiel – Skull / Head [ Inside/ outside]

Kawanabe Kyosai -  Frolicking Skeletons

Kawanabe Kyosai -  Frolicking Skeletons

Laurie Lipton – La Catrina

Laurie Lipton –  The Umbrella: Day of the Dead

Leonard Baskin – Angel of Death

Leonard Baskin – The Resurrection of the Dead

Linda Connor – Young Monk with Death Mask,  Credit: Haines Gallery

Lucas Samaras – Large Drawing # 18

Ludwig Krug – Two Nude Women  click here..

Luis Jimenez -  Self- Portrait  click here..

Luis Jimenez -  Dance with Death  click here..

Follower of Luigi Miradori –  Vanitas

Marcos Raya – Portraits  click here..

Marinus van Heemskerck  – The Triumph of Death

Marinus van Reymerswaele - The Death Room/Last Rights

Marinus van Reymerswale – Saint Jerome in His Study

Marlene Dumas – Old Fears are Still Valid

Marie Garnier – Memento Mori

Marinus van Heemskerck -  The Triumph of Death

Marimus van Reymerswaele – The Death Room, The Last Rites

Martine Franck – House of Belgian Painter James Ensor

Martine Franck – House of Belgian Painter Jamess Ensor

Martine Franck – House of Belgian painter James Ensor

Master MZ – Vanitas

Maurizio Bottoni – Skull [ after Hans memling]

Matthew Merian – Todten Tanz [Dance of Death]

Monogrammist M – Mortal achievements will be destroyed

Odilon Redon - Toward Another Image

Otto Goldman – Death




Pavel Techelitchew – The Living Shell

Ray Johnson - Untitled (Skulls with fingers and eyelash

Rembrandt van Rijn – Death appearing to a Wedded Couple from an Open click here..

Richard Muller  – Death Struggle  click here..

Ricky Swallow – Perched Bird

Robert Levers – Victory: The Celebration

Robert Mapplethorpe – Skull Walking Cane

Rue Saint-Jacques  Basset – Memento Mori

Sally Mann – Untitled: Body Farm # 8

Stefano della Bella –  Death on Horseback Holding a Trumpet and A Flag

Sue Coe – We Will Not Go Back

Thomas A.E. Chambers ‘The Bad Man at the Hour of Death and..  click here..

Thomas A.E. Chambers ‘The Good Man at the Hour of Death’ click here..

Thomas A.E. Chambers ‘The Bad Man at the Hour of Death  click here..

Thomas Rowlandson – Death Taking the Young Mother  click here..




Artist unknown – Architecural Fragment Relief’

Artist unknown –  Text from the Office of the Dead

Artist Unknown [French] –  Rest in Peace

Artist unknown – Fall and Redemption of Man

Artist unknown – Memento Mori

Artist Unknown – Crucifix

Utagawa Kuniyoshi- Mitsukuni Defying the Skeleton Spectre Invoked by Princess Takiyashu

Walter Sauer  – Dance of Death

William T. Wiley – Om and Presence for A.G.

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