Photograph Collection: Photographers Graciela Iturbide, Javier Silva Meinel and Yolanda Andre

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Procession. Chalma, Mexico, 1984 – by Graciela Iturbide


Graciela Iturbide: Mexican photographer [b. 1942]

Iturbide photographs everyday life, almost entirely in black-and-white. She became interested in the daily life of Mexico’s indigenous cultures and has photographed life in Mexico City, Juchitán, Oaxaca and on the Mexican/American border (La Frontera.)

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Graciela Iturbide – Death Bride

Graciela Iturbide – Death Bride



Javier Silva-Meinel Colllur Ritti-Cusci

Javier Silva-Meinel Colllur Ritti-Cusci


Javier Silva-Meinel: Peruvian Photographer  [b. 1949]

He is one of Peru’s most accomplished photographer. work focuses on the indigenous population of Peru, of both the sierra (the Andes) and Amazon regions. His portraits are sparse but elegant. Some of them have achieved near iconic status, having been amply employed to illustrate a wide gamut of publications.

Reference: Magazine Brafa 13..  click here..


Yolando Andrade – You look the way I do

Yolando Andrade – You look the way I do


Yolanda Andre: Mexican [b. 1950]

She starter with Mexican culture and street life and later extended her work to Europe and India.

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