Mortality and European Masters


This corner had paintings and prints by great European masters like Rembrandt Van Rijn,  Albrecht Durer,  Alfred Rethel,  Henri de Toulouse Lautrec,  James Ensor and Odilon Redon..


European Masters

European Masters


European Masters

European Masters



Select paintings in larger format..

Adrian van Utrecht – Vanitas Still Life with a Bouquet and a Skull..  click here..

Albrecht Durer – The Coat of Arms with the Skull  click here..

Albrecht Durer  – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse  click here..

Albert Besnard – Lequel?’ from the series ‘Elle’  click here..

Alfred Rethel – Death the Friend.. click here..

Alfred Rethel – Death the Enemy.. click here..

Honore Daumier – December 31. Table of Contect  from le Charivari  click here..

Ivo Saliger – The Doctor  click here..

James Ensor  – Death Charsing the Flock of Humans  click here..

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach  click here..

Rembrandt van Rijn – Death appearing to a Wedded Couple from an Open click here..

Thomas A.E. Chambers ‘The Bad Man at the Hour of Death and..  click here..



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