Press: London [UK] Exhibition

Death: A Self-Portrait

Death: A Self-Portrait


Death: A Self Portrait
The Wellcome Trust exhibition, London , UK.
15 November 2012 – 24 February 2013



Mail Online.. click here..
Looking death in the face: The amazing exhibition of over 300 items showing  attitudes to mortality around the globe – by Mark Prigg

Apollo click here..
Death: A Self-portrait – by Susheel Gokarakonda

The Guardian click here..
A funeral director’s view on Death: A Self-Portrait – by Laura Barnett

Death: A self Portrait – by Marcelle Hanselaar .. click here..

The Independent click here..
Exhibition of the Week: Death: a Self-Portrait, Wellcome Collection, London NW1 – by Adrian Hamilton

PLOS/ Blogs click here..
Science IS Culture (by way of Death: A Self Portrait)  – By Johanna Kieniewicz

We Make Money Not Art  click here..
Death: A self Portrait – by Regine

Collecting [Morbid Curiosities - by Griselda Murray Brown]  click here..
“Richard Harris decided to collect thematically – and it is all about meaning not monetary value”

HYPERALLERGIC  click here..
Artists Reflect on Death’s Eternity and Ephemerality – by Stephania Bailey

BBC 2 The Review Show – from 18:30mins
“The whole thing is absolutely stunning.”  Hard to imagine a more rapturous reception from Kirsty Wark and her guests on the Review Show.

The Observer (full page review)
“One experiences this art – as so often at the Wellcome Collection, and so rarely elsewhere – in the most visceral ways.”  Laura Cummings hails a “tremendous” show.

The Telegraph Magazine (four page illustrated feature spread)
“It will be great to see it in London… an old city, so much past, so much history, memory, so much death.”  Author Audrey Niffenegger on Richard Harris, his collection and the exhibition.

Radio 4 Front Row
“Extraordinary… But Wellcome Collection have form on this kind of show…” Mark Lawson and Sarah Jarvis talk through the exhibition, end of life care, and the success of Wellcome Collection.

Radio 4 Saturday Review – from 28:24mins
Reviewers all laud a “fascinating” exhibition, but for very different reasons.

BBC audio slideshow
Kate Forde talks through images from the show, in a beautiful slideshow that ran for two days on the BBC front page.

Independent (Double page feature in Indy and Indy i)
“Wellcome Death may not be the best image to draw in the crowds. But in fact it is a surprisingly approachable exhibition, full of colour, inventiveness and occasional fun.”  Adrian Hamilton finds the beauty of the collection lies in how it makes us think positively about our final end.

Guardian (full page news story)
“A global gamut of artistic and textual odes to death”

The Culture Show (6 minute package)
A preview behind the scenes feature with presenter Michael Smith’s personal take on Death. The undertaker interview features in our events programme.

Guardian Review (double page feature)
“The terror of mortality has always mingled with desire and joie de vivre on the dancefloor”.  Laurence Scott explores Death through the Danse Macabre.

New Statesman
“More than just an exhibition; it’s effectively an encyclopaedic compendium on mortality. This multi-disciplinary approach to exhibitions is a strategy that the Wellcome Collection has used to great success in the five years since its opening. A criss-crossing of science and art has resulted in exhibitions which delight as much with intriguing facts as aesthetic output, and – with this formula – Death: A Self-Portrait delivers.”

“Beautiful, macabre, harrowing, comforting and funny”  Mike Collet White’s piece has syndicated widely across the world including Richard Harris’ hometown Chicago Tribune, reviewing the exhibition and noting the upcoming development at Wellcome Collection.

Time Out ( published as full page feature with curator’s pick of objects)
“Harris’s passion chimes with the drive of his compatriot Henry Wellcome to amass his own collection of medical artefacts”  Chris Waywell talks obsession with Richard Harris and Kate Forde.

The Art Newspaper
“This is not a ‘trophy’ collection; his criterion is not that the works be masterpieces, only that they illuminate some aspect of the end of life”  Donald Lee discusses funerary works with Richard Harris.

Independent on Sunday
“Humorous, political and erotic” Matthew Bell’s review has marvelling and ambivalence about displays of death.

Salon (Associated Press piece)
“An exhibition that asks whether art can help us understand and prepare for death.” Jill Lawless’s AP piece has been syndicated to hundreds of outlets around the world.

AnOther Magazine
“A morbid kunstkammer of intrigue, horror and the blackest humour, this exhibition is a wise and witty dissection of life’s most difficult question.”

Huffington Post
Despite all the pickled sharks in tanks and Shakespearean sonnets, an entire exhibition dedicated to death has remained a rarity – after all, how much morbidity can one take? With ‘Death: A Self Portrait’ London’s finest art-science museum the Wellcome Collection have decided to put one on anyway… Pretty much an A-Z of the final curtain.”

Morbid Anatomy
“A lovely, provocative, fascinating, witty, and thoughtful investigation into the human obsession with imagining and coming to terms with that greatest and most unknown of absolutes: DEATH”

“Who is Richard Harris and why does he collect this stuff?” Matt Brown finds Death absorbing, thoughtful and sometimes comical, but has questions about what drives the collection.

Independent – gallery with gallery

“Another intriguing meeting of art and medicine at this enlightened cabinet of curiosities”  Jonathan Jones’ exhibition of the week.

Evening Standard – gallery

BBC History Magazine – gallery

The Mail

Culture24 -  gallery

Guardian – gallery<>

Metro Ca – gallery

Avax – gallery

Design Week

One Stop Arts
Trailer (2:40mins)



The list compiled by.. Tim Morley
Senior Media Officer – Wellcome Collection
The Wellcome Trust
215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE