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Richard Harris Art Collection



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The most significant achievement of the Richard Harris Collection is that it brings together, for the first time, in one collection, five great series of prints representing the horrors of war. Created between 1633 and 2007, these works of art provide an unprecedented opportunity to see and explore the relationship between the visions of the artists.



Jacques Callot: Miseries and Misfortunes of War [1632-33] click here

Francisco Goya: The Disasters of War [1810-20] click here

Otto Dix: The War [1924] click here

Chapman Brothers: The Disasters of War [1999] click here

Sandow Birk: the Depravities of War [2006-07] click here

AND MORE from the Richard Harris War Collection..

Nazi Objects: click here..

Installations by Guerra de La Paz: click here..

Sculpture, “Death Satiated and Exhausted” – by Leonard Baskin: click here..

Painting, “The Holocaust” – by Craig Norton: click here..

Skulls and Bones Artwork – by Francois Robert: click here..

Army Train and Death [Hollstein 16] – Attributted to Erhard Schon: click here..

 Anti War Posters

ATOMKRIEG NEIM [Atomic War, No] – by Hans Erni click here..

War is Good Business, Invest Your Son – Lambert Studios click here..