LIST of Sculpture Collection [Richard Harris Art Collection]

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[I] PHOTO GALLERY of Sculpture Collection   click here..

[II] LIST of Sculpture Collection   click here..



Bone Chandelier ”In the Eyes of Others” – by Jodie Carey   click here..

Death of Venus – by Roger Reutimann   click here..

Mondongo Collective  click here..

Mr. and Mrs. Bones – by Cales Weintraub  click here..

Hanging Figure – by Steve Dilworth   click here..

Are You Still Mad at Me?  – By John Isaacs  click here..

Portrait of a Man / A Skull in a Niche – By Barthel Bruyn the Elder [German ] click here..

Sculpture, “Death Satiated and Exhausted” – by Leonard Baskin  click here..

Tau Tau  click here..


Ivory Sculpture: “Death, Knight and the Devil” – Artist Unknown  click here..

Memento Mori – Unknown [German]  click here..

Allegory of Time [Kronos]  – by Johann Wolfgang von der Auwera  click here..


The images of sculptures listed below can all be seen in one post. . click here....

Death Cart – Artist uknown  click here..

Girl Pulling Her hair – by Michael Pugh  click here

Gentleman on Green Table – – by June Leaf  [American]  click here..

Walking the Dog — by Ron Pippin [American]  click here..

Macabre Scene – by Michel de Spiegelaere [French]  click here..

Vietnam Head  – by L-15 aka Bernard Schatz [American]  click here..

Three Industrial Pieces from Old Milling Machine  click here..

Leather Jacket – – by Charles Benefiel [American] click here..


DEATH and EASTERN TRADITIONS ..  click here..

Chitipati Dancers  click here..

Curious Snake Exploring a Skull – by Izumi Sukeyuki  click here..

Skull with Monkey and Snake – Artist unknown  click here..

Wolf with Human Skull – Artist unknown  click here..


Installations by Guerra de La Paz   click here..


Pieta [2005/ mixed media]

Ring Around the Rosy [2006 / mixed media]

Crawl [2004/ mixed media]

Baby Boom [2006/ mixed media



Man Seen from the Rear – by Jacques Fabien Gautier  click here..

Hanging Figure- by Steve Dilworth click here..

Medical Model of Arm and Leg – by Dr. Louis Auzoux click here..

Physiological Manekin- by James Terry White click here..


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