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 Richard Harris in front of Skull Table


Perhaps one of the most interesting sections of the Exhibition is this skull table. It is placed in front of the Salon Wall, in the Sidney Yates Gallery..

Skull Table
The Skull Table is crowded with real skulls and interpretation of skulls by artists. preserved from ancient to modern times.  Some have educational functions, while others are ritual objects or works of art. All of them remind the viewer of what potent images the skull and skeleton have always been for human audiences.

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Some skulls of particular interest are some real human skulls, especially the ancient trephined skull and ancient Aymara deformed skull ..

Ancient trephined Skull


The above image shows an  Ancient trephined Skull..
[Pre Columbian .. 16th century human skull with brown patina]..
Trephinationconsists of making a series of incisions in the skull to remove a portion of bone. Trephined human skull fossils date as far back as 10,000 years.

Ancient Aymara Bound Skull..


The above image shows an ancient  Aymara Bound Skull..
[ Pre Columbian ..16th century human skull]..
This ancient Peruvian skull exhibits an Aymara type deformation, caused by bindying the head of the individual while young. The reason for the practise of cranial deformation is believed to be cosmetic and is associated with physical menifestation of high social status.

The above image of “Gold and Ruby Skull”  [2003]  is by Amy Sarkisian [American, b 1963] ..  It is made of beads, sequins, pins, foam and adhesive..

French Porcelain skull..

A 19th century  French Porcelain skull..

Disco Skull, Pearly Man and Diamond Jim – by Wilson Hand Kidde

These three sculptures.. Disco Skull [2000], Pearly Man [2007] and Diamond Jim [2004] ..  are by Wilson Hand Kidde ..

Study of Woman with Death – by Al Farrow

One of my favourite at the Skull Table is the 1986  cast bronze piece, “Study of Woman with Death”  by Al Farrow [American, b. 1943] ..

Mexican Tree of Life sculpture

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