Tibetan: Ceremonial Skull Cup / Kapala

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Ceremonial Skull Cups in Tibetan Art

Richard Harris Art Collection

Ritual skull cups are traditionally formed from a human skull that has been cut into shape, lined with a metal rim and ornamented. Many skull cups are simply made out of a precious metal in the form of a cranium. They are usually elaborately decorated with artistic designs and Buddhist symbols like lotuses and vajras. Many are fitted with ornamented lids and have feet or a separate base in the form of human skulls.  Reference : Skull Cup click here..

Ceremonial Skull Cup

Ceremonial Skull Cup

[Tibetan] Ceremonial Cup

[Tibetan] Ceremonial Cup


[Tibetan] Ceremonial Cup

[Tibetan] Ceremonial Cup

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2 Comments to “Tibetan: Ceremonial Skull Cup / Kapala”

  1. Tom says:

    What is the age of these ceremonial cups and their approximate value?
    Thank you.

  2. brito says:

    Dear Collectors of The Unusual,
    *We are pleased to offer you this Incredible and Rare Tibetan Kapala.*

    *Amazing detail & workmanship! Perfect condition!*

    *Great patina!*
    *Provenance:* Old family collection formed in the 1960′s.
    *Price 4,000 USD*

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